Titan and T. Rex are Presa Canario pups off some great international champions from Europe who are not only great show dogs but have amazing working temperament. Once they are fully grown and fully trained they will be formidable to say the least


A-Jax is a highly trained German Shepherd with many service dog level tasks trained into him. He is a super sweet and versatile boy who will love to be someone’s full time companion and bodyguard!


Kimbo is a Rottweiler great with kids and in the house, yet is imposing upon even the bravest men. Kimbo would be ideally suited to be your loving protector and best friend if you have a family or a are a single executive!


Ulrich, or as we affectionately like to call him, Ritchie Rich 🤑. is a young red Doberman who is just dripping with bone mass. Ulrich is amazingly social with kids and small dogs yet formidable to say the least. He offers classic yet elegant protection. I often imagine him sitting next to a fireplace in a large mansion or a castle! 🏰

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Like what you see?